For each if not everyone of us of us there have been incidences in our lives which simply warranted being told again – eventhough 99.7 % of the time they become lost forever from memory.

If putting the incident in print works for something – this was a period of both ‘play’ and ‘work’ for me…..

– but mostly work.

Motorcycles 1970-1976

A Little Motorcycle (Dirt-bike) Story

Elec-tricity!!! 1974

Log-Distance driving (trucking) years, 1969-1976

(delivering produce from Florida to major market areas -Chicago, Detroit, New York, etc).

Trip Listing

Sandspurs 1975

Wabbitts!! 1973

Monteagle, Tn 1973

Trucking, Father/Son Time 1999

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