After paddling the Colorado below the Hoover Dam, I entered California from Kingman, Az all while remaining on the bac-roads.  Continuing along those lesser used highways I worked my way Southward towards San Diego to visit my son – one section ran through Needles, Ca. a city rich with ‘Route-66’ history.

The bac-roads are always ‘alive’ with little things if you just take time to notice, there was graffiti along the railroad – stones played out in names/words and this fence with all the shoes on it popped up out of nowhere – interesting, and I left a few ‘do-dads’ myself.  It really doesent take much to entertain these simple thoughts of mine.

It was into the evening when I finally made San Diego and my Son’s house.  Kim flew in for some time and the ride Northward along the Pacific Highway-101 to Asti, and the Asti Winery for a wedding the following week.

While in San Diego we enjoyed some simple time at the San Diego Zoo, an Airshow at Miramar AFB, and then browsed a couple of the local ‘junk’ stores. A week later and a ride up the coast line 101 and Hwy-1 to Monterey and then to Santa Rosa

Beautius drive up towards Santa Barbara, the Big Sur, and to Monterey.

With a couple ‘adjustment’ stops.

and some ‘junk’ stops.

but really scenic, much better than staring at a rear bumper in 6-lanes of traffic

another ‘change of pace’ from the Arizona dryness of the past weeks

It was a little different ‘running with’ another vehicle after traveling so far – but then again it was also a rare privilege in spending the time with Gray, my son – the kids have each done so well. As for me I left my razor in the Carolina’s, part of my ‘takinayearoff’ process.

The next day, more of the same all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge and into San Fransisco.
Yep, lots of people, like ants.
and then a stop for lunch along the bay where ‘house-boats’ meant truly a floating house.
In hind-sight it was all so much better than being on the interstate – and likely just as good of time because we weren’t sitting in traffic.  Big Sur was an interesting little spot along the coast that I would like to revisit, the view was awesome, bikers were doing their thing, and again everyone else along the stretch of highway seemed to be in the same mood, ‘feet-up’ in California