After paddling the Colorado below the Hoover Dam, I entered California from Kingman, Az all while remaining on the bac-roads.  Continuing along those lesser used highways I worked my way Southward towards San Diego to visit my son – one section ran through Needles, Ca. a city rich with ‘Route-66’ history.


The bac-roads are always ‘alive’ with little things if you just take time to notice, there was graffiti along the railroad – stones played out in names/words and this fence with all the shoes on it popped up out of nowhere – interesting, and I left a few ‘do-dads’ myself.  It really doesent take much to entertain these simple thoughts of mine.

It was into the evening when I finally made San Diego and to my Son’s home.  Kim flew in for some time and the ride Northward along the Pacific Highway-101 to Asti, and the Asti Winery for a wedding the following week.


While in San Diego we enjoyed some simple time at the San Diego Zoo, an Airshow at Miramar AFB, and then browsed a couple of the local ‘junk’ stores. A week later and a ride up the coast line 101 and Hwy-1 to Monterey and then to Santa Rosa

Beautiful drive up towards Santa Barbara, the Big Sur, and to Monterey.

With a couple ‘adjustment’ stops.

101_1333and some ‘junk’ stops.

but really scenic, much better than staring at a rear bumper in 6-lanes of traffic


another ‘change of pace’ from the Arizona dryness of the past weeks

It was a little different ‘running with’ another vehicle after traveling so far – but then again it was also a rare privilege in spending the time with my son – the kids have each done so well. As for me I left my razor in the Carolina’s; part of my ‘takinayearoff’ process.













and once again, lots of folks – like ants