Not sure where this post fits in at, but I unexpectedly sold my box-truck and the buyer paid me to deliver it to Biloxi (Ocean Springs), so why not? plus its exactly where the ‘eagle landed‘ (and the Mississippi River Trip ended) one year ago.

‘Freebird,’ 1800 Miles later

A ‘free’ road trip, besides really nothing else on the schedule and with a bro-in-law (John) already in Biloxi about to head back I jumped in and am adding to the bugs on the windshield now (actually I hate a dirty windshield) – but still, a quick-trip.

The interstate just reminds me of why I like the back roads so much, not that they don’t have their ‘bottlenecks,’ just that waiting for ducks to cross

– is a different mindset than running amongst a ‘wolf-pack.’


And that’s just what its like, through Atlanta you just have to find a ‘slot’ and ‘keep your mind moving forwaqrd,’ all the while blending into the perpetual motion within these concrete corridors.  Its all like an artery within a great beast, iron machines like blood cells in motion continuously supporting the life of America’s South.


The trip down was all rain with a nasty tornado over in Mississippi, just weather.  Made it to the coffee house early where I found some ‘zip,’ an egg, and John.  With a couple of hours to kill (and some caffeine to burn) we took a ride and admired the character of the old part of town before stopping by tranquility base (Biloxi Marina at HardRock).

“The nest was empty.’

– after the long ride it was nice to be off my butt walking around the marina contemplating and admiring the moored vessels.

Biloxi Light

Just another one of those ‘little circles‘ that I find interesting to complete, returning to places… (and making light of coincidence).

With the transaction completed (time for a modest update, maybe an RV) we quickly pointed Johns ‘beamer Northward, ‘life at eighty-five… 🙂

Good conversation and a number of hearty laughs made the @ 500 mile return seem much shorter –

Along the way I think John asked about Why? I write.  Well, generally its simply impulsive and without peer pressure – I like Hot Rods because there are no rules to building one; you build, tinker, or change your car ‘any way you want‘ – and in a very similar way – I feel the same about this blog thing.

It’s all just a part of the trip that we can only make once.