The most awesome day of coastal weather that I could have expected (especially for The ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic), it must be a ‘lull’ between fronts but the water is just as flat and placid as it could possibly have been – all day long.



Was up early from Frisco campground to ride the ferry between the islands of Hatteras and Ocracoke, then set out to find Silver Lake.  It was obvious and on the southernmost end of the island near the visitors center at the little town of Ocracoke – actually a ‘man-made’ basin.


It is also the home and port pretty much of Ocracoke, parking is aplenty so I put the kayak in at the landing on the Pamlico Sound side of the Visitor’s Center and paddled into the channel where the fishing boats and ferry’s pass, very calm and peaceful (except for the pile-driver at the mouth – WHAM, WHAM).

After camping I needed some earth-cooked food – so I paddled to a small Marina and located a nearby restaurant – ‘ballast.’

The most convenient was Dajio’s and I was the first of the day for a beverage and AAngus burger, mmmmmeatt! (ballast). The place was quiet and the bartender (Tom) was polite in his conversation about the area, good food (and thanks for the ‘bottle-opener‘).


Soon I was back in the ‘Lake’ quietly paddling but more drifting the shorelines observing the mesh until pushing back out into the sound, with the great weather and by utilizing the forces surrounding me, it didn’t seem strenuous at all – just the opposite.



The ‘sound’ was as quiet and peaceful as I could’ve hoped for, Pamlico Sound is a vast and shallow expanse of water; they say sting-rays love it but I didn’t notice any and the bottom visibility was good.


I considered paddling to the island that I could barely see, but unsure of the time I had already spent drifting the lake (and at the bar) I was plenty content to paddle a few miles up the shoreline – that’s what paddlin’s all about (plus, a very eco-friendly way to explore a natural area of planet).


It was a fine afternoon and a great place to paddle, I’m sure that weather is the fickle beast in this area – but on this date in April it really was the right place to be…. at the best time.


and yes, I gave these guys the right-of-way….




In its entirety, it was like a “go eat and check-out the bar, and whenever you’re done – go paddle” kinda trip…

“The water was as level as life is good.” tgh