Lake Adger Option – Up The Green River

Water Clarity – 7 to 8+

Natural Quality – 7 to 8+

Difficulty – Easy to Moderate

Perception – Friday

As I reviewed an earlier Lake Adger post, I felt that it would be only right to enlighten you more of the paddling option from the Marina that was mentioned – so of course it was also a perfect excuse to paddle it once again.

With traveller (kayak) already on the top of the truck I headed back to the Lake Adger Marina – 4585 Lake Adger rd – for those with those Garmin GPS things..

The late fishermen of the morning were putting-in as I was on the water by 930, instead of heading to the Left and the Lake itself my interest today was with the wetlands and the Green River to my right, upstream.

There are several ways to cut through the wetlands in heading up the Green, the main flow and a couple smaller flows.  I took the habitat and enjoyed the peaceful paddling.  After the wetlands its a short paddle before the Silver Creek Bridge comes into view, any current is hardly noticeable – from the bridge it is possible to paddle two hours upstream.

Again, its a very peaceful type of paddle, full of natural beauty and with those thoughts I was feeling a high ‘Natural Quality’ score coming on for this option, kingfisher’s were aplenty.

There were several smaller coves or ‘divit’s‘ to explore, perfect drinking holes for large and small critters – deer tracks were abundant.

Make no mistake if it was a great effort to go upstream I probably wouldn’t do it, but the Silver River and/or The Colorado River (below The Hoover Dam) show that there are times that the paddle is simply worth it…. for the most part you don’t even think about it – your paddle and mind are the only things in motion as the water runs beneath.

More of the same, perfect silence – with the exception of the trickling of several small creeks flowing into the Green – surprising too because for a portion of this paddle upstream there is a highway running to one side.

An hour and a half upstream and the water clarity improves significantly as the waters become more shallow and stream-like.

The Yak is what it is.

With a little more time and distance the sandy sediment turns coarse and rocky, then shallow.  It is possible to follow the channel of the flow and remain paddling – but there are areas too where it is necessary to walk a short distance in the water.

After about two hours and a very short stroll, more to enjoy standing up and having a snack – I feel I’ve done what I’ve set out to do, I’ve enjoyed a wonderful paddle in an awesome setting with very little effort – and in a short period of time.

So I turn with the flow and begin the drift back towards the lake, several miles away.

Unfortunately the recreational activity that occurs up the Green River with the tubers produces an unnatural debris field, the bottom bears the burden of an occasional beverage can, this is where the ‘Natural Quality’ fell – I even found an ipod, a bit waterlogged.

(this is just one of several examples of the tubing activity up the river)

But my concern was not upriver at the moment, its ‘feet-up’ right here – with the lazy drift………

The pictures are all so similar, just more of the same – but in no way is it mundane.  It was a slow ez paddle all the way back to the Silver Creek bridge.

On the lake side of the bridge you can either follow the main volume of flow toward the wetlands, or there is a small flow to the left that goes through the wetlands, I took the small creek of course.

It was mid-day and all the shade just made it better, actually felt ‘cool’ under there.

Out of the wetlands,

– and right back to the Lake Adger Marina, a simple 4 hours.  There’s your Lake Adger option, five or more hours of exploring the lake itself – or a simple paddle up the Green River, then a float back…

It’s there for you, do them both!