Williams Reservoir, Colorado

So with a little time on my hands I took a ride for a short paddle – Williams creek reservoir in the San Juan National Forest.

Not too difficult a ride,

If a person doesent mind 30 miles of dirt road and a few open range cows….

Found the lake and began to anticipate paddling up stream a little bit, where I noticed a few others paddlin…

I backed up near the ramp and sat comfortably on the opened tailgate of my little truck – it was a good spot to mentally prepare as downed part of my standard Subway sandwich.  After staring into the water and planning a simple route – I eased over and untied my kayak.  When all was said an done, guess what? – NO PADDLE !

HA! – I had forgot my paddle, it was in my little trailer back in Pagosa Springs!…….

so anyway……. I did hang out a little longer, and after laughing within at my own silly situation; back down the dusty trail I went; not a big deal.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll try once again (please see post – I did, Williams Reservoir paddle link here).

Along the way back I also made a stop or two, don’t get too close to the edge.

No I didn’t mind the dirt roads and stuff,

Cause I found a friend along the way to lend an me understanding ear’ (he wasn’t so dumb).

I’ll try again in the next few days, nothing wasted…

(Second trip here)

It just made for some easy time with the GK’s at the small lake behind my daughter’s home….