Having a good week in Pagosa Springs taking in the small lakes around the town and paddlin the shorelines,


– it’s easy to paddle two a day and then into the evening.

Nothing extraordinary but all real convenient and still very scenic above the fishermen and homes, ‘feet-up’ and ez paddlin.


We did spend a day this week cutting firewood for the long winter ahead, Myron’s friends (Rob, Jay, Dave)  have been clearing the dead-wood out of some land and offered it, it was the easiest wood-cutting day I’ve participated in.  Spent many weekends cutting wood when we first moved to N Carolina and it was never in a stack in front of me – but then the view wasn’t quite like this one either.

Deb’s School – Colorado

Down the road (in the middle of nowhere) was this old schoolhouse, Deb’s school – which I found interesting.

So I made a walk-around, it was locked but with the camera stuck to the glass I chanced a picture.  I checked for history but could not find any detailed History only that it was registered as a Historical site.

Another day was rainy day so I rode into New Mexico to check out Navajo Lake, rain plus didn’t like it so I kept on riding the bac roads eventually coming across two other lakes (Valecitto, Lemon) which were lowered for winter and I’ll paddle another day.

Its been casual time with the family, with plenty of time in-between to ponder direction from here – with the recent weather reports I think it’s come together.

102 degrees forecast for each day this week in Scottsdale so I will head westward on Monday to check out Mesa Verta/Page, Az, (10 degrees cooler) then Lakes Powell before Las Vegas and Lake Mead (54 degree water).

The paddle below the Hoover Dam has been on my list since leaving – just didn’t know how to squeeze it in with the Scottsdale route, from there it will be San Diego and kinder temperatures.  The sun here at 8000′ is really brutal, for me a hat is almost imperative…

Just a rock that looked like a puzzle, thought about bagging it up and taking it home..

and then the ‘tintantic’

Now to a Saturday ‘chili-cook off’ and music by the river…….