With ‘frost on the pumpkin’ snow on the mountaintops and ‘outfitters’ closed for the season (just a gauge not a necessity) – I’m thinking that it’s been a solid ‘ride.’

I’ve accomplished all that I set out to with the kayak, and then some.

The Current River in Missouri was surprising and an environment to revisit;

The characters of Kansas and a Dodge City drive-through;

The open range of eastern Colorado, and it’s isolated back-road stretches,

A weeks visit with my Daughter and grand-kids in Colorado;

Then the scale of the scenery at Williams Reservoir which surprised me;

A ride across the great gully of Arizona to Page;

Two nights of camping at Lake Powell to Lone Rock and then Labyrinth Bay/Canyon;

The clarity of The Colorado from Willow Beach to the Hoover Dam near Las Vegas – made me understand the sediment issues these great dams hold in check;

A weeks visit in San Diego with my Son and Licia;

Riding the Pacific Highway up the California coast;

A fine wedding in the great wine country of Sonoma County California,

The isolation and unique foundations of the structures on the boulders of Echo Lake Ca;

Paddling Lake Tahoe and exploring Emerald Bay – awesome;

Across Hwy 50, “America’s Loneliest Highway through Nevada and Utah,

Archway National Park and Moab, Utah;

Paddling the Gunnison River of Colorado with others

-and then more family time in Colorado;

My bucket is simply not rattling at the moment – even though the song (Jimmy Buffet) “I got boats to build…….” still resonates within my thoughts.

What now? Bac-roads eastward avoiding the interstate, a slower return jaunt to the Carolina’s – still no hurry. Along the way and completely by chance if a paddling opportunity arises (Buffalo River, lake, good weather, right there), an antique or ‘junk’ store of opportunity – I won’t rule any of them out….. just nothing planned except little to no interstate highway.

Same miles, just quality road time.


(made it back to the Carolina’s after hoping to paddle the Buffalo rvr in Ark. (too low, 1.3 feet) then the ride became a grueling Friday through Arkansas and Tenn, Friday traffic around the towns then the construction laden back-roads.  To start with I dislike Friday traffic – so next time if it’s a Friday just ‘beat me,’ or better yet remind me to just paddle some ditch or if I have too – take the interstate).

Paddlin in Florida in a couple of weeks –Alexander Springs, Juniper Springs