The Suwannee River runs from The Okefenokee Swamp of Southeast Georgia to the West coast of Florida and into the Gulf of Mexico, some 240 miles of meandering black water – from the Georgia Swamp to the small town of Suwannee, at the Gulf.

The Suwannee

Another river on ‘my list’ to venture, why not?

A precursor overnight paddle next week around Live Oak, Fl and the Suwannee 140 mile mark/Holton Creek area will provide me a greater ‘taste’ of the river (even shuttle info, etc.) – Live Oak’s about half way down the river.

So camping on the river three nights next week (3/24-27) with about 6 other folks from SC will prepare me for ten the last week in March.

The Suwannee at Cone Bridge (186.5 rm) has seemed a natural stop for me when I travel old Highway 441 to Florida, which I do a couple times a year.  On more than one occasion this particular landing has been so inviting that I simply stayed right there for the night – Cone Bridge Landing.

its a place where paddlin groups pass and sometimes camp,

This particular Outward Bound group was ‘breaking camp’ on one of my stops (Nov 09), about 5 canoes – my interest was with/how their canoe’s were packed.  There is a 1000′ portage a few miles down river from this point at Big Shoals – a class III rapid before White Springs.

But it’s the kind of place you wake up and see deer AND wild turkey in the same view.

so yeah, I won’t mind paddlin this historic river river – not at all.


Way down upon the Suwannee River…………….”


Life’s full of little circles just sittin there waiting to be completed.