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Live Oak to Suwannee, Fl – the Gulf

Day 7 – Fanning Springs to Fowlers Bluff (rm 34 to 16) 22 mi

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Day seven waters edge, Fanning Springs Park Ramp.



Carl and Richard had moved on in the canoe, leaving Gordy and I to bring up the rear.


Each day we had noticed trot-lines (and their hooks) dangling from the branches along the shore-line, this was the first that we had noticed the lines being attended to.  This trot-line fisherman was slowly moving along the shore with family sharing the task of pulling the hooks and checking the catch.  There was Sunday morning happiness, even glee from the kids as another catfish was gathered.  Food, income, the sustenance of life for many.



We finally caught up with Carl and Richard contemplating ‘hitching a ride’ on one of Miller’s rented houseboats


and soon we were at the Manatee Springs entrance.


IMG_7490Manatee Springs.

with schools of mullet

a lunch pavilion too


After a pause for lunch, this girl (Laura) on the ramp inquired about our trip


– we explained that we had been camping and kayaking for the past SEVEN days along the river – her reply; “I’d love to do that ONE weekend!” – became ‘food’ for laughs through the long day ahead, sometimes ‘a little dizzy’ can be just fine…..



The Suwannee was now wide with a much different shoreline.



This section to the gulf begins a slower trek with fewer and fewer ‘beaches,’ wide and slow its the place that Carl and Richards paddling skills meshed with their fortitude – mettle.


After seven days paddling, the canoe was now pretty much second nature to them – land food and beverage remained ‘first-nature.’


Treasure Camp at Fowlers Bluff, this place was such a great improvement over last years stop.


Food, beverage and a little live music – camping, seven bucks each while the folks once again offered the best of hospitality.

thanks folks


We set up camp and with full stomach and kindred spirits enjoyed the sunset and dockage along the shore, tomorrow we would complete our 150-mile paddle.

(more day 7 pictures)


Day 8 – Fowlers Bluff to Anderson River Camp in Suwannee, 16 mi



The last morning; there was simple conflict on exactly how many miles remained to the Gulf,



– but it really didn’t matter, it was all a matter of strokes.  There would be very few places (if any) to stop and stretch.

and the gators were active



Once again, no shoreline for the weary so if you are paddling through and find yourself near Fowlers Bluff in the afternoon – camp there; before facing a night in this section.

only trees to hang off of, and under

the buoy that say’s “you are close”


and the Osprey nest nearby


will point you towards the welcome mirage of Suwannee, the town



Take the first canal to the right, with an immediate left; signs will point you to Bills Fish Camp


Anderson River camp is another of the stops of the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail, a few ‘no-see-um’s’ (“flying teeth”) here – but well worth the visit.  Good job, and thanks Suwannee River folks for making these ‘restbits’ possible….


Five bucks a night gets you a screened room and a shower

(more day 8 pictures)

Link from last years paddle of same area


Suwannee River Mile References 

note: even though mentioned and shown on available maps – there are NO physical ‘river-mile’ indicators along the river.  For further Suwannee River mileage information, check this link – Suwannee River Mileage, Trip Agenda ideas.

Opinion; Marking existing landmarks such as bridges, ramps, and river camps with a numerical reference would provide basic orientation points (and emergency references) along the river (the Mississippi has them).