Trussum Pond


On a perfect fall day there was Trussum Pond,in Delaware.

(Yeah I know, whats the world coming to – paddlin a pond??!!)


Water Clarity – 8+

Natural Quality – 9

@59 acres



Trussum is the small lake (above) to the left of the map.

Trussum Landing

Trussum Landing

Delawares got a few ‘ponds’ that’s for sure, seems the state’s been around a while (the ‘First State) and many of the ponds were created in the 1700’s for powering the old grist mills.


The thought that these little reserves have been here so long is something to appreciate, nature adjusts and creates new habitat (now well established) for her creatures.


While in Delaware visiting family – Gordy dropped by and told me about Trussum.  Why not?  Nothing seems far away in Delaware – Trussum is located close to Trap Pond – a little larger and more suited for paddlin body of water….  but of course this all depends on WHY? a person paddles.


I’m still finding my own reasons, and sometimes it just takes an unexpected paddle to remind me, Trussum was one of those.

With no expectations of the little pond and just a moment in time where ‘anytime’ on some water was needed therapy.  I’ve not paddled as much as I’ve wanted lately (unexpected home projects) but those are thoughts and stories to move away from.  Paddlin this pond just fit-in and after a few minutes on Trussum I was sure that I could have found pleasure in a flooded drainage ditch too.


From the single landing we began a soft paddle on the placid water keeping the bank to our left – kinda like searching a room full of smoke as a fireman. There are always ‘factors’ when choosing a paddle route (sun, shade, wind, etc) and finding the  ‘headwaters’ is in the ‘factor’ mix too.  The little pond was full of Bald cypress and very (extremely) peaceful.  There were a few fishermen in yaks too quietly plying the waters and doing well – watching them made me think even I could catch a fish here….


The waters were clear, just a little tainted (tannic, like the Suwannee) from the leaves – but an ecological wonderland.  The ever-present kingfishers, blue heron and turtles were active.  The bass seemed abundant, and Gordy mentioned that he had seen an eagle too. For me, the ‘Natural Quality’ of Trussum continued to improve throughout the paddle.


Which I felt was going to be a short paddle.  After a casual paddle through the cypress and some marsh area, left to right, the landing came quicker than expected.  I figured heck, might as well make as much of this paddle as possible and do it in reverse.  I think Gordy had already made it to the landing, if he wanted to locate me it shouldn’t be any trouble on this little ‘pond,’ so I ventured back counter-clockwise searching for any sign of current’ further up and into the cypress.


Yes, ‘thimble-sized’ (not mundane)was a description that came to mind for this ‘pond,’ but….. funny how things can change if you drop any expectations, find peace, and simply accept the beauty of where you are.


The pond became more than a ‘mundane pond,’ and I was glad.. In the opposite direction and in the darkness of the cypress I found current…. Gordy had paddled up about this time and we headed up the small stream.  There were a few survey markers along the way where someone had marked the channel – difficult because it passes through so broadly among the terrain. But we were able to navigate a mile or so up – almost to Ellis pond before heading back.



In making the most of this paddle I continued to explore on the way out – a wetland area which dead-ended into a muddy bog. A great place for wildlife – but in turning around – I had lost my trail!  it took several efforts to relocate the small current and back-track out.  A surprise from the ‘small (but not simple) pond.’



– out of the woods and back to a more familiar setting, the fishermen.




Trussum pond, a good reminder from nature of making the most from those ‘little things’ that surround us.

Each day, is what we make of it.